Processor scaling effects

Vertica user to backend HP Automation Insight. Have a 3 blade Vertica cluster that is reporting the following a LOT:


2017-01-08 17:40:51.002 SystemMonitor:0x2af7503438f0 <LOG> @v_cbidb_node0001: 00000/4441: Processor 10 current scaling frequency: 1200000 kHz
2017-01-08 17:40:51.002 SystemMonitor:0x2af7503438f0 <LOG> @v_cbidb_node0001: 00000/4441: Processor 11 current scaling frequency: 2401000 kHz


I did some preliminary research that indicates that this is the underlying blade varying the speed of the processor to adhere to its power policy, but what's the net effect on Vertica of this continual change in processor frequency?






  • A Vertica best practice is to disable CPU frequency scaling. I've heard that it can actually have a fairly large performance improvement if it is turned off.

  • Arvind_KumarArvind_Kumar Community Edition User

    Hi You need to disable CPU frequency scaling on every CPU in cluster to get performance otherwise you will always get performance issue for large queries, This is i faced and we rectified it by disabling CPU scaling in every cluster.

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