Load CSV file to Vertica table



I recently installed vertica cluster ( 2 nodes ) on Centos 6 .. I need to ask about the method of table creation then load data in CSV file to it.


I am using the below command


COPY table_name FROM '/home/dbadmin/csv_file.csv' PARSER fcsvparser();


after executing the above commands, the table is created, column names exist but no data inside ( 0 Rows ).


Can you please help ?



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     Is becouse he load data is not valid. 


    Look into the rejected data location



    or you can try using rejection tables or abort on error when you load data.

    using table

    COPY table_name FROM '/home/dbadmin/csv_file.csv' PARSER fcsvparser() rejected data as table tbl_name;

    then query the table to look at the errors.


    Using abort on error

    COPY table_name FROM '/home/dbadmin/csv_file.csv' PARSER fcsvparser() abort on error no commit;
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    Thanks for your reply.


    COPY: Input record 100 has been rejected (Too many columns found).


    All data in CSV went to rejection log file and the above exeptions appeared in exceptions log.

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     That means you feed to many values or your data delimiter is not well set, you might get delimiter chars inside the columns.



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    you can include even column name with vertica table like :
    COPY table_name(col1,col2,col3) FROM '/home/dbadmin/csv_file.csv' PARSER fcsvparser();
    Make sure your csv file contains only these columns values (datatype sequence should match), header is not necessary.

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