Vertica upgrade and backups



I need to upgrade vertica 7.1 to 7.2


It's recommended to take backup before upgrading. As I don't have enough extra space I want to create a hardlink backup (still allowed in 7.1) and then upgrade.


Is it sufficient to take just a hardlink backup? Can I switch back to 7.1 and restore the data from such backup if the upgrade is unsuccessful?


Or does 7.2 irreversibly change the data files, so 7.1 can't use them no more?


It is not mentioned in the docs whether it's possible or not.


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     What type of host you use ? 


    virtual or physical server ? 


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    Physical server

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    7.2 won't change files (Vertica never change files once they are written). Do you have all of your storage locations in one file system?

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