Vertica Cluster Work balance

I have a vertica cluster - 2 nodes - how to make sure that running queries are working on the 2 nodes ?



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    I belive you are reffering to query plan executions ! and not user connections !



    To make sure you sessions will use the processing of both nodes if your projection designs is correct.


    Once you have projections spread around your cluster you can look at the explain plan to see what projections were used for your query.

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    Hello Adrian,


    I meant, when i ran query on vertica cluster, is the load balanced between the 2 nodes ?

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    Do you have load balancer enabled ?


    For load balance info see here : Load Balancer.


    Also to check how connections are distributed across your cluster use this query:

    SELECT a.node_name, 
    ROUND((a.requests / b.total_requests) * 100, 2.0) AS percent
    FROM (SELECT node_name,
    COUNT(*) AS requests
    FROM v_monitor.query_requests
    GROUP BY node_name) a
    CROSS JOIN (SELECT COUNT(*) AS total_requests
    FROM v_monitor.query_requests) b
    ORDER BY percent DESC;

    You can play with the query to fit our time frames. 


    Hope is helped 




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    Thanks to your note, I set the load balancer to Roundrobin that means any query run will be load balanced on the 2 nodes, please correct me.


    Also, I ran your query,

    dbadmin=> SELECT a.node_name, 
    dbadmin-> a.requests,
    dbadmin-> ROUND((a.requests / b.total_requests) * 100, 2.0) AS percent
    dbadmin-> FROM (SELECT node_name,
    dbadmin(> COUNT(*) AS requests
    dbadmin(> FROM v_monitor.query_requests
    dbadmin(> GROUP BY node_name) a
    dbadmin-> CROSS JOIN (SELECT COUNT(*) AS total_requests
    dbadmin(> FROM v_monitor.query_requests) b
    dbadmin-> ORDER BY percent DESC;
    -[ RECORD 1 ]----------------------
    node_name | v_vertica_test_node0001
    requests | 2472
    percent | 99.920000000000000000
    -[ RECORD 2 ]----------------------
    node_name | v_vertica_test_node0002
    requests | 2
    percent | 0.080000000000000000


    First Run of the query showed only node0001 .. I ran it on 2nd node then ran it again on 1st node to get the above resuly.


    I am still abit confused of the way the 2 nodes are sharing the effort, I need the 2 nodes to serve to reduce required time of queries.

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       Setting up only roundrobin would not suffice, you also need to setup you client connection to follow the same load balance .


      What client do you use ? 

    See an example here of a client side configuration ODBC DNS config, you must list you servers ip address as the backup servers, this way your clinet will choose the list following server load balance method. 




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