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Native Load Balancing

If I am using the native load balancing feature and my client is connected to a node and that node goes down will the client try and reconnect to the cluster?


  • Hi,


    No , there is no session foreward in this cases.  Your session will be terminated and you will have to reconnect.



  • When I do reconnect it will follow the same procedure as the original connection? That is it will go to the origianl machine and possibly redirect me to a different machine in the cluster? What I am trying to figure out is if I would be stuck trying to reconnect to the machine that went down.

    The background on this is that our vertiac cluster i currently being run behind a physical load balancer and I'm trying to determine if Native Load Balancing would make that redundant or if there are valid use cases for staying with the physical one.

  • When you are using native load balancing you setup a backup IP, those are the connections that Vertica will use if the node that is setup is not available.

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