vertica windows vsql is slowing down when doing gzip result dump



I am using vertica windows vsql client to export result from vertica to client's machine with gzip format.


used below command , but it slows down the export process.


C:\Test\vsql.exe -U <user> -w <password> -h <host> -F "|" -At -c "<Select query>;" | "C:\Test\gzip.exe" -f > "C:\Temp\Results.gz"


Can anyone suggest how to make the export faster.





  •    You actually export from your server to your windows client machine, so your newtwork creates all the contention. 

       Even thou you zippit the data comes to your windows server uzipped and then once there it will zipp.


    You should do this in the vertica server , zipp it and then move it to your windows client as a zipped file.


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