Node stopping after image based backup has run

Good day
we have a 3 node vertica 8 cluster, running on sles11 VMs, on vSphere 5.5
It happens that during backup process one node stops. Restarting it always succeed.
We use Veeam, the leader in backup software for virtual environments. I guess that when the snapshot created for backup is removed, the brief stun the VM experiences, make sometime Vertica to stop.
We have plans to upgrade our hypervisor to version 6.x which has a new snapshot removal process that make the stun shorter, but i'd like to know if someone has a similare deployment of Vertica, and data protecion stragegy, and share our experiences.

Another topic related is: given that we don't have VSS on linux, and Vertica has not (if i'm wrong, correct me) a "backup mode" like Oracle, what is the best way to have application consisten backups of Vertica Database?

Thanks in advance


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