vertica windows vsql is running slow when exporting results in gzip format


I am using vertica windows vsql from windows machine for storing query output in gzip format. When I run the command through vsql command line, the result is not being exported to the given location, the generated file size remains 0 kb and the query is running infinitely in the database , As I know the query generally takes less time to run.
But when I execute the command without gzip compression , the query runs successfully.

I have used below command

C:\Test\vsql.exe -U -w -h -F "|" -At -c ";" | "C:\Test\gzip.exe" -f > "C:\Temp\Results.gz"

Can anyone suggest how to make the export faster.



  • ThakurThakur - Select Field - Employee

    Hi Ajit,

    I am pretty sure Windows executions don't work the same way Unix shell commands work in conjunction with the streaming data.
    I would highly recommend to first output the data to file and then call for gzip.exe to compress it.


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