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Explain verbose terminolgies

Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer

Hi ,

I was curious to know what the explain verbose terminologies mean here.
Vertica documentation

Suppose I do a explain verbose and it shows value like these for every path.

+-SELECT LIMIT 10# [Cost: 365.000000, Rows: 10.000000 Disk(B): 0.000000 CPU(B): 0.000000 Memory(B): 0.000000 Netwrk(B): 0.000000 Parallelism: 1.000000] [OutRowSz (B): 274] (PATH ID: 0)
| Output Only: 10 tuples
| Execute on: Query Initiator
| Sort Key: (customer_dimension.customer_name)
| +---> SORT [TOPK] [Cost: 365.000000, Rows: 544.000000 Disk(B): 0.000000 CPU(B): 1275443.584695 Memory(B): 149056.000000 Netwrk(B): 0.000000 Parallelism: 1.000000] [OutRowSz (B): 274] (PATH ID: 1)

What do these values mean
Parallelism(B) (Can be threads used for that path)

I assume the value means the utilization of these resources, but what does the units (B) mean here.


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