ERROR 4368: Permission denied for storage location(From Hadoop to Vertica )

Hi ,
I am facing the below issue : while loading the data from hadoop to vertic for a ORC File
ERROR 4368: Permission denied for storage location.

PFB the steps i have perfomed :
An ORC table created in hadoop cluster in iibaeihp owner

Detailed Table Information

Database: imap_loc
Owner: iibaeihp/xa2iiblap103.xxx.xxx.com@HADOOP.YYYY.XXX.XXX.COM

I have logged in to hadoop from the machine xa2iiblap103.xxx.xxx.com

Now i am trying to load this ORC table to vertica

Logged to vertica from machine : la-tigersp-iap01.corp.xxxx.com
then i have logged in to my vertica DB
/opt/vertica/bin/vsql -U tiger_owner -w TigerMDN** -h ma1-tigerp-lvdb01.xxx.xxx.com

Then i am trying to run the copy statement from Vertica to load the ORC file located in hadoop as
COPY tiger.my_tables
,orange_txt ) FROM

ERROR 4368: Permission denied for storage location [webhdfs://......]

Could you please help me on this .



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    ThakurThakur - Select Field - Employee

    Have you checked for the Kerberos Authentication ? Does you Hadoop cluster authenticate using Kerberos if yes that's something needed to be setup on vertica cluster to pass on the authentication.

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    What version of Vertica are you using? For older versions you will need to create storage location usage 'USER' for that HDFS directory.

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    As mentioned by Xiaowei, you might have to setup a USER storage location if you are loading as non-dbadmin user. You should not have this problem if your load user is 'dbadmin'. This restriction was removed in the newer versions of Vertica .

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