Vertica Client Drivers 8.0 - installation failed.

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The Vertica Client Drivers 8.0 finishes with the message "installation failed".
No additional data about the error, no logs and no messages in the windows system event log.
How to understand the problem?
Such behavior is observed on Windows 10 and Windows 2012.


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    Check the event viewer and keep in mind to have .Net framework activated in windows features

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    No messages in the event viewer, also I tried to install this client on machines with the installed visual studio (the .net framework is unambiguously there).
    The behavior of the installer is not stable.

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    So the problem is in microsoft connectivity pack.
    Everything else is installed, even a studio plug-in is installed.
    But as soon as you select "microsoft connectivity pack" in the installer, the installer completes with an unidentified error.

    Presumably, the installation drops when the installer processes the component "vertica ssxs 64".

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    I will check on my PC

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    Are you using 32bit windows?

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    I tried to install this client on Win10 x64 and WinServ2012 x64,
    with the installed visual studio 2015 community edition + SSDT.
    The behavior is the same.

    On some installations it passes without errors and on others there is no.
    Behavior is not stable and most importantly there is no understandable log and error messages from which one could understand where the problem is.

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    diog333diog333 Vertica Customer

    I am having the same issue on Windows 2016. Has anyone found a solution to the failed install?

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