Load balancing on linux from python clients


Documentation says I have to setup both server and client properly in order to use load balancing. So I executed SELECT SET_LOAD_BALANCE_POLICY('ROUNDROBIN'); and now when i open vsql with:
vsql -C -U dbadmin test
I see message
INFO: Connected using a load-balanced connection.
And everything is ok.

But I cant find anything about connecting from clients on linux except for java's JDBC.
How can I make load balancing working from python? I have 2 libraries: pyodbc and vertica_python (pure socket base bridge from uber).
1) How can I force pyodbc to use load balancing?
2) I belive vertica_python designed much alike vsql. So I am wandering if there is loadbalance protocol specification publically available. I belive it has to be simple enaugh so any client could achieve advatage of using it. Is there loadbalance protocol specification available? Where can I find it?


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    For pyodbc turned out its enaugh to add 'ConnectionLoadBalance=1' to ODBC connection string like this:
    python -c "import pyodbc; cur = pyodbc.connect('Driver=Vertica;Servername=host;Port=5433;Database=DWH;UserName=dbadmin;password=;ConnectionLoadBalance=1'); cur.close();"

    And no luck for vertica_python. Cannot find anythong about loadbalance protocol specification or vsql protocol. Hope someone reveals it eventualy/

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