COPY command and understanding of the documentation part

In this doc https://my.vertica.com/kb/Data-Loading-in-Vertica-Using-COPY/Content/BestPractices/Data-Loading-in-Vertica-Using-COPY.htm

"In Vertica 8.0 with apportioned load, if all the nodes have access to the source data, Phase I occurs on several nodes. An apportioned load is a divisible load, such that you can load a single data file on more than one node. The built-in delimited parser can apportion a load automatically, if the source is available on multiple nodes and can be divided.If the apportioned load is not available, Phase I occurs only on the nodes that read the file."

What it's mean?
I should transfer my file to all nodes and run the same COPY command on each?


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