Vertica View syntax issues


I recently reverse engineered a SQL View into a Vertica view. I have several nested CTE's in the view.

So, I run the script and the Vertica view is created, but when I open the view in Vertica the syntax is very different. I do not see any of my CTE's and there are tons of conversions going on in the view.

Simply put, the syntax is very different from the view that I created. Does Vertica re-write the view for performance reasons? Or is something seriously wrong?


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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Administrator

    Process you are following to create and check defination of view in Vertica is not very clear to me . Can you please provide an example ?

    You can check view_defination in system table vs_views .

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    Thank you, but I figured this out already :)

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