Create Cluster Verify: invalid password for root?

Hi, I have two questions.
1. Is it not possible to run a Vertica cluster/db on the same box and the MC? I am trying to setup the Community edition all on 1 box (Ubuntu). When I create a cluster, it will not let me specify localhost or I can specify the external interface, but then I get issue #2
2. When validating my host, I get: Validating SSH connection. Authentication for user root failed......

I do not have a root user on this Ubuntu image, I use a different username for administrator. The create cluster wizard never prompted me for a root user name. What am I missing?



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    Hi Ray,

    We can have MC on the machine that has Vertica cluster.
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    The issue of "Validating SSH connection. Authentication for user root failed......" Might be because of the wrong PEM file.

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