how to remove buddy projection from broken node?

floxardfloxard Registered User
edited April 2017 in Vertica Forum
   node_name        |  projection_name  | verified_fault_tolerance 

v_sspsmaclick_node0005 | for_test_super_b1 | 2
v_sspsmaclick_node0001 | for_test_super_b1 | 2
v_sspsmaclick_node0006 | for_test_super_b1 | 2

   node_name        | node_state 

v_sspsmaclick_node0001 | UP
v_sspsmaclick_node0005 | UP
v_sspsmaclick_node0006 | DOWN


  • skamatskamat Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert

    One option is:
    Mark broken node ephemeral , create new table as insert select from current table and drop current table;

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