Unable to bind server on port 5433 when starting DB

I just had the database running. I restarted the server and now I am receiving the following error in the dbLog file, "FATAL: Unable to bind server on port 5433". Any ideas what would cause this?
Thanks in advance


  • had you enabled the Vertica load balancer?

  • Hi info4km,

    It appears that vertica cluster is not able to bind itself with port 5433 ( default ). Did you have a look in your vertica.log file and also check /var/log/messages file. To see any abnormality.

    Can you verify following points to see if all configuration is in its place ?

    I hope you running this system over Linux flavour.

    1) Verify the port number in your admintools.conf file.
    2) Can you see if, port 5433 is in listening mode or not ?

    netstat -utln | grep 5433

    3) if you cannot see it in netstat output. Check it is enabled in your /etc/services file.


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