What is the command to check the list of username for database login ?

I know like /opt/vertica/bin/vsql -U is the command to login to database but my problem here is i don't know the username of the database. Therefore, Please let me know what is the command to find the list of username available for the database login.

I tried /opt/vertica/bin/vsql -l -U but this were wrong.

Will look forward to hear from you

Thank You

Ujjwal Rana


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    edited May 2017

    You can get db admin user(which we used while creating vertica cluster) name under following directory on any of one of the node in the cluster.

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    Hello Ujjwal,

    There is no direct method to list usernames before you logged into the database.

    Only method is to first login into database using normal user, or SuperUser and then list all available users using 2 methods:

    1) On "vsql" prompt, use "\du" command to list all available users. Or,
    2) Use the command which Bhanu shared with us in earlier post:

    select user_name from users;


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