R UDx - Polymorphic Functions

LenoyJLenoyJ - Select Field - Employee
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I'm trying to grasp the use of the polymorphic transform functions in R UDx. In my case, I have zero idea on the number of columns my Main function is going to return. I would assume using outtype=c("any") in the Factory function would allow Vertica to return whatever columns my Main function outputs.

However, using this makes the Outtypecallback function necessary. And the Outtypecallback function REQUIRES specific details on the columns that my Main function is going to output (like the type and length for each column). I can definitely think of hardcoding the type and length, but I have zero idea on the number of columns!

In my opinion, this kinda beats the purpose of specifying outtype=c("any") in the first place. I would appreciate any help or correction in my understanding. :)

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