License usage differentiation between production and development schema on a single cluster

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I have a question concerning Vertica license usage. As I understand when we use vertica for development purpose then it's data is not counted against the license usage. This works fine when you have different cluster for development and production. But how license usage is calculated when you have same cluster for development and production data but in different schema. How to ensure that the license usage does not count data from development schema?


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    Vertica licence usage is based on whole database size not at schema level.

    suppose if u have 1 TB licence of vertica and you have 2 schema's named as DEV & PROD with raw sizes 100GB & 200 GB. so you have used 300GB(30%) of licence size.

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    Thanks for your feedback. So what is a way to avoid DEV database usage to not count against your license usage?

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