How to change IP address of Node

I have installed vertica on 2 nodes ( VMware) . After installation, i got some issue with networking on VMware and i need to change ip address. Now i am trying to create a database using admintools , it is showing me old IP's of nodes and not giving options to change ips. How can i change nodes IP address ? Thanks


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    What version of Vertica do you have?

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    I have a standalone vertica node (only one node). The machine ip where it is installed has been changed. It's necessary to change in v_catalog.node the fields: node_address and export_address.

    the normal update table set ... doesn't work.

    alter node .. is hostname... doesn't work because the node is active,

    any other idea?

    thank you,

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    In Vertica 8 + it is not so easy

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    Hi verticadba2,

    You may try the below procedure. Note, we have tested this procedure on a cluster of 3 nodes but not sure if this will work on 1-node machine.

    1) Take complete backup of your cluster using vbr.py
    2) Update the Existing Old node with the New IP address using vsql.


    -- change the node IP

    3) Change the Old node’s Control IP with the New IP address using vsql.

    -- change the nodes spread/control IP

    4) Re-push the spread configuration with New IP address.

    -- re-write spread.conf with the new IP address and reload the running config
    -- (db should remain UP)

    5) Update the Admintools.conf manually. This must be done on a UP node. Any node will do, and in this post we will call it


    Edit the file /opt/vertica/conf/admintools.conf, by replacing all instances of the old ip address by the new ip address. This means that there will be 3 lines to update:
    • [Cluster] > hosts
    • [Nodes] : 2 lines, the one starting with the node name and the one with the node number.
    For instance, assume we are replacing node2 from a 3-node cluster, from ip to ip
    Before, here were the relevant lines of admintools.conf:
    hosts =,,

    node0002 =,/home/dbadmin,/home/dbadmin
    v_vdb_node0002 =,/home/dbadmin,/home/dbadmin

    After, notice the parts in bold:
    hosts =,,

    node0002 =,/home/dbadmin,/home/dbadmin
    v_spil_dwh_node0002 =,/home/dbadmin,/home/dbadmin

    6) Configure the new node:

    Still from the node where you edited the config file, , distribute them via the admintools:

    • run as dbadmin user /opt/vertica/bin/admintools

    • go to Configuration Menu > Distribute Config Files

    • select Database Configuration and Admintools Meta-Data.

    If you cannot find spread.conf under your describer location then copy it from . You can check that spread.conf now have the IP instead of

    Finally, as a last sanity check, have a look at /opt/vertica/config/admintools.conf and make sure that the new IP appears instead of the old one.

    7) Restart Vertica on New node:

    Use the the admintools /opt/vertica/bin/admintools and select “Restart Vertica on Host”. The node will then start the recovery process. All missing data will be copied to it, and once done it will join the cluster which will be complete again.

    Raghav Agrawal

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    I created a script that is executed before the vertica restart.

    sed -i 's/new_ip/old_ip/g' /D/vertica/catalog/mydb/v_mydb_node0001_catalog/Catalog/config.cat
    sed -i 's/old_ip.255/new_ip.255/g' /D/vertica/catalog/mydb/v_mydb_node0001_catalog/Catalog/config.cat

    sed -i 's/old_ip/new_ip/g' /opt/vertica/config/admintools.conf

    sed -i 's/new_ip/old_ip/g' /D/vertica/catalog/mydb/v_mydb_node0001_catalog/spread.conf
    sed -i 's/Naaabbbcccddd/Neeefffggghhh/g' /D/vertica/catalog/mydb/v_mydb_node0001_catalog/spread.conf


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    msanjibmsanjib Vertica Customer

    Can you please confirm this solution work? I am getting an error while starting I get error ... " Database synchronization step failed ..."
    Couldn't connect with ...
    Actually looks like its still trying to connect the old ip. I have already changes the ips to new one in admintool.conf

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    chaimachaima Vertica Employee Employee

    Hi, you should use the re-IP tool instead of manually changing the config files

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    msanjibmsanjib Vertica Customer

    Hi ,
    Thanks for the response.
    I followed the above mentioned link but is fails. IN my case, the old ips are already replaced with new ip configuration as they are moed to a new site. The only problem is that all the vertica configuration files needs to be updated. I belie this tool automatically handle that for all the 3 nodes provided in the mapped text file as input.
    Do I need to have pwdless ssh for vertica admin user for running this script?
    I am really stuck now for a customer and want a solution. ANy help will be greatly appreciatd.

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