Failed to copy vertica.conf to all nodes : Failed to create db after install

I've just install vertica, and everything went well during cmd-line install, but when trying to create a db with the admintools, I get following error :

*** Creating database: test ***
Creating database test
Starting bootstrap node v_test_node0003 (
Starting nodes:
v_test_node0003 (
Vertica names unique storage locations using a random algorithm. The operating system improves the randomness of its pseudo-random-number generator by gathering 'entropy' from the environment. Either some nodes currently have insufficient entropy to provide sufficient randomness (in which case, the problem is solved by waiting for sufficient entropy to accumulate, a process which should not take much more than a minute) or some error has prevented reading the entropy value from the node(s) (if this process doesn't make progress in a few minutes --- perhaps longer on larger clusters --- contact Vertica technical support).
Starting Vertica on all nodes. Please wait, databases with large catalog may take a while to initialize.
Node Status: v_test_node0003: (DOWN)
Node Status: v_test_node0003: (DOWN)
Node Status: v_test_node0003: (DOWN)
Node Status: v_test_node0003: (INITIALIZING)
Node Status: v_test_node0003: (UP)
Creating database nodes
Creating node v_test_node0001 (host
Creating node v_test_node0002 (host
Generating new configuration information
Stopping bootstrap node
ERROR: Failed to copy vertica.conf and spread.conf to all nodes


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    I've figure out the problem, it was some permissions issues on the tmp and data folder

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