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Vertica database creation - permission denied

Hi All, I have installed vertica 8.1 on VM 2 nodes Linux. While trying to create database using admintools i am getting permission denied on both nodes. In /opt/vertica/log/adminTools.log we found following .

2017-05-24 00:26:59.061 admintools/6742:0x7f450f19e700 [SSHConnection._send_command] Remote action responded ready, writing to stdin
2017-05-24 00:26:59.162 admintools/6742:0x7f450f19e700 [SSHConnection._send_command] Done writing
2017-05-24 00:26:59.162 admintools/6742:0x7f450f19e700 [SSHConnection._send_command] Waiting for results...
2017-05-24 00:26:59.213 admintools/6742:0x7f450f19e700 [SSHConnection._send_command] Done waiting for results
2017-05-24 00:29:11.269 admintools/6742:0x7f4517989700 [SSHConnection.closeConnection] : closeConnection
[root@vertica1 log]#


  • Hi,

    Can you send the error spanshot? or share complete vertica.log file for review.

    Raghav Agrawal

  • Hello Raghav , Please find error below.

    Error:The followin nodes(s) clould not be prepared.
    FIled to prepare a host for database participation.
    see /opt/vertica/log/adminTools.log for details. Host hints follow. Permission Denied Permission Denied

  • Hello Raghav,
    I am able to solve this issue. I just gave 777 permission on directories. Thanks for you help.

  • Hi,

    Great to see that. Cheers !!!


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