Unable to set K - Safety

Good day, I would like to set the k safety of my vertica cluster (3 nodes) to 1. I installed operations bridge analyics with a single node and then added 2. After doing that I rebalanced using admintools. It's been running like that for a while but I saw a notification stating that " The database is currently 0-safe, which could result in catastrophic data loss " I did some rnd and followed steps on creating buddy projections(listed down below), then refreshed (SELECT START_REFRESH();)

and attempted to set the ksafety to 1: (SELECT MARK_DESIGN_KSAFE(1);)

But receieved an error stating: Current design does not meet the requirements for K = 1.
Current design is valid for K = 0. and then lists the tables ....

Any ideas on how I can get this fixed?

Create buddy projections:
select ' create projection ' || projection_schema||'.'|| anchor_table_name || '_b1 as select * from '|| projection_schema||'.'|| anchor_table_name||
' segmented by ' || segment_expression||' all nodes offset 1;'
from projections where projection_name like '%_super'
and projection_schema||'.'|| anchor_table_name || '_b1' not in (select distinct projection_schema||'.'||projection_name from projections where projection_name not like '%_super')

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