Memeory no showing up correct in the database console

we have increase our server memeory from 256 to 512. but DB console is still showing up 256 MB. the server it shows 512MB. how do i know dataasbe is unsing 512 or 256mb>>


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    Are you checking via MC? What do system_resource_usage/memory_usage system tables tell?

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    Hello. You probably know this, and the MC is a completely separate piece of software. I wonder if you need to boot it after you make a change to your Vertica server. I'll ask some people I know on the MC team and report back.

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    Here's an excerpted reply from the MC team:

    MC has a couple of places showing memory, for example, Overview page - CPU/Memory/Disk Usage chart, Management page.

    We can send you screenshots of the places.

    • In which chart(s) are you seeing the inaccuracy?
    • Of all the charts that have memory info, are they showing the same number or differently? MC might use different ways to retrieve memory information.

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