projection design consideration for load high volume of data in a cluster

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we have a system that load high volume of data every minute using Kafka and Vertica
what is the best practices and important consideration for designing projection for this case ?


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    From my experience:

    • proper denormalization (not every denormalization is good)
    • manually created projections that gives to your queries required performance (use DBD only for encoding only)

    Sorry, "silver bullet" not exists(imho).

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    The general rule is to stand up your cluster, load a good amount of data, and then run the DBD on the entire dataset along with a representative set of queries. You can then edit the DDL as you see fit or just accept the entire recommendation. Projection design is an iterative process; it's something you'll want to re-visit over time as more data, more users, and new queries are added to your database.

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