schema and table_name fields are empty in QUERY_PROFILES table

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I’m trying to profile some queries using syntax like

PROFILE SELECT /+label(profile_query)/ COUNT(*) FROM…;

Per Vertica documentation, I can then query the QUERY_PROFILES table (see below) to get statistics like how long the query took. However, the “table_name” in this query is always empty, and I don’t quite understand why. I tried google/SO, to no avail. Just wondering if you may have any insight on this issue.


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    Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator
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    Currently the schema_name and table_name displayed in the query_profiles view are populated only for LOAD requests.


    dbadmin=> create table p (i int);
    dbadmin=> copy p from '/home/dbadmin/p.txt';
    Rows Loaded
    (1 row)
    dbadmin=> select schema_name, table_name, query_type, query from query_profiles where query_type = 'LOAD' order by query_start desc limit 1;
    schema_name | table_name | query_type |               query
    public      | p          | LOAD       | copy p from '/home/dbadmin/p.txt';
    (1 row)

    Most queries reference more than a single schema/table. Listing all of them wouldn't be all that useful.

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    AMillerAMiller - Select Field - Employee

    I will submit an enhancement request to improve our documentation. Thank you for the feedback.

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