Kafka integration with Vertica: ERROR: KafkaCheckBrokers() does not exist

As part of kafka integration with Vertica testing, issue below command to
"Create a source cluster for Kafka running locally and associate it with kafka host".

dbadmin=> ! /opt/vertica/packages/kafka/bin/vkconfig cluster --dbhost xxxxx --dbport 5433 --username dbadmin --password xxx --config-schema stream_example --create --cluster kafka_cluster_1 --hosts xyz:9092

Exception in thread "main" com.vertica.solutions.kafka.exception.ConfigurationException: ERROR: [[Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Function KafkaCheckBrokers() does not exist, or permission is denied for KafkaCheckBrokers()]

Could any one please help how to get around this.


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    Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator

    Are you running the command in VSQL? You should run it at the OS command line as the dbadmin user, not in VSQL.

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    Does your kafka scheduler version match the database version?

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