Jim,I have a question.Is Vertica support for UPDATES in real time?If it is at max how many records it can update per second?To make faster updates in real time what architecture we need to follow? My case is like this
I have 5 crore records(23 data points 21 columns are integers and 2 columns are varchars) and I made id as primary key.
My current performance is 30 records updates/s
I want to scale it upto 10k records/s.Can u suggest me in what ways configuration changes can give me that performance?
I followed this url : https://my.vertica.com/docs/8.1.x/HTML/index.htm#Authoring/AnalyzingData/Optimizations/OptimizingDELETEsAndUPDATEsForPerformance.htm but it was not working for me.Now Iam using it for analytics and i also wanted to serve the data.
My requirement to serve data is if we serve one record in one query it should not repeat in any query that means we need to change the status of the record (for this i need update). Here it is taking more time how can i face this challenge with vertica(instead of updates or with updates). That means data should not repeat(data should rotate).
And it also shows affect on counts also.

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