Vertica 9.0.0-1 Supports Amazon Linux 2017.09

Vertica 9.0.0-1 and later versions support Amazon Linux 2017.09.

  • To run Vertica on Amazon Linux 2017.09, you must use Vertica 9.0.0-1 or later. There are required enhancements in this hotfix for running Vertica on Amazon Linux 2017.09.

  • To use Vertica 9.0.0-1 or later, you must use RHEL/CentOS rpms for Amazon Linux 2017.09.

  • For Amazon Linux only, Vertica 9.0.0-1 supports i3.2xlarge and i3.4xlarge instances in addition to the standard supported instances. See Supported Instance Types.

  • There is no AMI based on Amazon Linux.

  • You can only deploy Amazon Linux 2017.09 in AWS.

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