License usage for external table using HCatalog/Hive access

Can I ask a Hadoop-related question to use external table using HCatalog/Hive?
I understand that the only way to use EXTERNAL_TABLE_DETAILS for auditing a capacity of external tables. In HCatalog/Hive access environment, is it required to run SYNC_WITH_HCATALOG_SCHEMA? Or No needed? Reference Manual|Vertica%20System%20Tables|V_MONITOR%20Schema|_____26

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  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator

    The SYNC_WITH_HCATALOG_SCHEMA function only syncs meta-data. You should't need to run it. The external tables already exist, so Vertica can compute the size of an external table counting all data found in the location specified by the external tables's COPY FROM clause.

    Are you not seeing the tables in EXTERNAL_TABLE_DETAILS?

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