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how to get column names in native python client hp_vertica_client

Does anyone know if the python client they provide
is able to fetch the column names for a given query programmatically?



  • SergeBSergeB - Select Field - Employee

    Colin, Yes the Python client can give you the number of columns retrieved in a query as well as the description of these columns

    Say you execute this query

    cursor.execute("SELECT first_name, avg, ops FROM foo WHERE avg > 0.225")

    cursor.columns will return 3
    cursor.description will return the description (including name) of these 3 columns

  • Excellent,
    Here is how to get the column names from the active cursor
    headers = [desc[0] for desc in cur.description ]
    Thanks Serge. The documentation is quite dry on this topic, but i see the cursor attributes mentioned.

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