Vertica Backup

I installed vertica on single node. Now I want to add one more node. For that I need to do backup,but back up fails for me with returning with this error.

$:vbr -t init -c /opt/vertica/config/vbr.ini'
Error: Unable to connect to backup host via password-less SSH: xxx.xx.xxx.32.

How do I resolve this error?
Please provide me solution.
Thanks in advance.


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    Do you have installed ssh client on your db host machine ?

    Can you provide vbr.ini ?

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    snapshotName = fullbak
    restorePointLimit = 1
    objectRestoreMode = createOrReplace
    passwordFile = /opt/vertica/config/pwdfile

    dbName = db_testing_0
    dbUser = user_testing


    v_db_testing_0_node0001 = xxx.xx.xxx.32:/home/user_testing/backup

    This is my vbr.ini
    Iam getting error while initializing the locations?
    I don't have write permission for this user_testing. Do I need that permission If I have to edit anything please provide me.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes I have installed ssh on my db host.

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    For sure you need to have RW to directory where backup suppose to be stored...

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    Try running the vbr init task again with --debug 3 and examine the log file under /tmp/vbr/. It will contain the exact ssh command used and possibly more details on the error.

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