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catalog size

Can any body explain me how to reduce catalog size in vertica. Because it effects my query performance a lot.


  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely Administrator
    edited December 2017

    Check out the blog post "Troubleshooting Tips for the Vertica Catalog":

    The following objects affect the size of the "Global Catalog":

    1. Database, nodes, schemas, tables, views, projections
    2. Users, profiles, roles, grants
    3. Epochs
    4. Resource Pools

    While these objects affect the "Local Catalog" size:

    1. ROS containers
    2. Delete Vectors
    3. WOS
    4. Statistics

    A large number of objects can increase the catalog size, but the biggest factors that contribute to a large catalog are:

    1. Too many ROS containers
      1a. Incorrectly defined ActivePartitionCount
      2b. Local Segmentation – with a high scaling factor

    2. A large number of Partitions

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