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Vertica query performance

I am using vertica for 3 months. At initial, I got the analytics very fast, but as days increases I am getting slower performance in vertica. I found that deleted row count shows the impact on my vertica analytics. So I decided to purge my deleted rows. I can do manually but it not feasible to me. So I want to set a purge policy which should purge my deleted rows when it reached 10% of my table total row count. How do I set configuration parameters? Can anybody explain?
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  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely Administrator


    Take a look at the PurgeMergeoutPercent configuration parameter...

    dbadmin=> SELECT parameter_name, current_value, default_value, description FROM configuration_parameters WHERE parameter_name = 'PurgeMergeoutPercent';
        parameter_name    | current_value | default_value |                                       description
     PurgeMergeoutPercent | 20            | 20            | Maximum % of rows that may be deleted before Tuple Mover purges the ROS through mergeout
    (1 row)
    dbadmin=> ALTER DATABASE test SET PurgeMergeoutPercent = 10;


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