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Backup data

I'm trying to backup vertica database data for the purpose of adding new node to it

[user_testing@localhost ~]$ /opt/vertica/bin/vbr --setupconfig
Warning: This setup tool is deprecated, and will be removed in a future version. Please use config file samples we provide in /opt/vertica/share/vbr/example_configs instead of using this tool.
Snapshot name (backup_snapshot): backup 
Number of restore points (1): 1
Specify objects (no default): 
Object restore mode (coexist, createOrReplace or create) (createOrReplace): createOrReplace
Vertica user name (user_testing): user_testing
Save password to avoid runtime prompt? (n) [y/n]: y
Database user password to save in vbr password config file (no default):
Node v_db_testing_0_node0001
Backup host name (no default):    
Backup directory (no default): /home/user_testing/backup
Change advanced settings? (n) [y/n]: n
Password file name (no default): pwdfile
Saved vbr password to pwdfile.
Config file name (backup.ini): backup.ini 
Saved vbr config to backup.ini.

[user_testing@localhost ~]$ vbr -t init -c /opt/vertica/config/vbr.ini
Error: Unable to connect to backup host via password-less SSH:

How to backup my db :/


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