VBR - dbadmin requirements

A customer is interested in knowing if dbadmin is required for VBR replicate options. Questions that they need definite answers to, before production deployment:
1. • Can only dbadmin create a VBR config file? Or any user with dbadmin role do it?
2. • Can only dbadmin execute VBR ? Documentation suggests that only dbadmin can invoke the vbr utility.
3. • Must the dbUser specified in the VBR config file be dbadmin for both source and target/destination databases? Alternatively, can they designate a different userid on source and target databases (they prefer it that way)?
4. Is there a requirement for the linux user to be the same on the source and target databases that is associated with the dbadmin account - for replication to work?
In other words, does it mean the Linux user must have dbadmin role privileges on both the source and target dbs? Or how would the “association with dbadmin account” be done? Can the Linux user be different between source and target so long as the association with dbadmin is made?


Raj Kanniyappan

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