MAPITEMS limit ?


We are using Vertica 9.

I get an error using MAPITEMS function :
[Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Error calling processPartition() in User Function MapItems at [src/Dict.cpp:994], error code: 0, message: Exception while processing partition row: [1] on map items retrieval: [Tried to retrieve Flex Table data from a cell not containing an Flex Table map.]

The message that throw the error is a well formed JSON, the issue seems to be about his size.

With MAPKEYSINFO function, I obtain for the node that cause the issue :
length: 206460
type_oid: 199
row_num: 1
field_num: 14

MAPITEMS on this specific keys cause the error (no error on the others keys at the same level of the JSON).

On Vertica Documentation, I saw a note for MAPJSONEXTRACTOR function :
Note: The function fails if the output size of the function is greater than 65000.

But nothing is documented for a same limit with MAPITEMS.



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    I opened a support ticket per you issue. I will keep you updated on its progress to resolution.

    Thanks for reporting this!

  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator
    edited February 2018

    It appears its not a size errror...

    -- Example: 65K cap 
    create flex table flex1(); 
    -- Load value with length > 65K 
    \! echo `printf '{"key" : "'; printf 'a%.0s' {1..65001}; printf '"}'` | vsql -c "copy flex1 from stdin parser fjsonparser();" 
    -- Check length per MapItems 
    select length(values) from (select mapitems(__raw__) over(partition best) from flex1) t; 
    (1 row) 
    -- Check actual virtual column length 
    select length(key) from flex1; 
    (1 row) 
    -- Validate VMap. Should be 1 or -1 if invalid 
    select mapversion(__raw__) from flex1; 
    (1 row) 
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    mapversion(raw) return 1, so on the whole message but mapversion on the specific node that cause the MAPITEMS error return -1

       select mapversion(v)
       from (
             select values as v
             from (
                          select mapitems(__raw__) OVER (PARTITION BY "__identity__")
                          FROM cq_data_aa.f_r5_offre
                          where f_r5_offre."__identity__" = 3250034
                    ) a
             where keys = 'G_PRODUIT_SERVICE'
             --where keys = 'G_CRITERE'

    select length(values) from (select mapitems(raw) over(partition best) from cq_data_aa.f_r5_offre where f_r5_offre."identity" = 3250034) t where keys = 'G_PRODUIT_SERVICE';


    What is the difference between length from MAPKEYSINFO and length from LENGTH functions ?

    If it's not a size issue, what could cause this error ?


  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator

    @bhervy - Can you post the actual query that is causing the error along with the error message?

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