WARNING 3673: Invalid hint identifier 'DIRECT'

sreeblrsreeblr - Select Field - Employee

I saw some disk spills using this command SELECT analyze_constraints('schema1.table1'); I hence tried to change to using SELECT /+DIRECT/ analyze_constraints('schema1.table1') via shell script. if I run directly it runs normally . but when I run via shell script get error WARNING 3673: Invalid hint identifier 'DIRECT' .Is this issue with shell script or direct not allowed for analyze_constraints or even analyze_statistics.


  • marcothesanemarcothesane - Select Field - Administrator

    The DIRECT hint is only used for DML statements: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE. And calling a function like ANALYZE_CONSTRAINTS() is not a DML statement - hence the hint is not valid in this context.

    Analyzing constraints can be very memory intensive on bigger tables, you might just have to live with the disk spill.

    Possible workarounds could be to use staging tables for the smaller daily delta, and analyze the constraints there, before integrating into the big table.

  • sreeblrsreeblr - Select Field - Employee

    thanks marcothesane for instant response. that's what I thought .

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