VBR replicate errors: non dbadmin user

Hello - Can Vbr replicate be done using an id other than dbadmin?
A customer tried it and is having issues:

/opt/vertica/bin/vbr -t replicate -c repl_locktable.ini

f401599 is not the owner of /opt/vertica/config/admintools.conf
Error: Error getting cluster information from admintools.

Secondly, if they are running it as dbadmin and wants to specify a different user (source) in the config files, they are getting:
Error 4019 : must be super user to run object snapshot.

Can replicate be run by a user other dbadmin and customer would want that flexibility and not expose dbadmin user for maintenance actvities.

Any limitations /advise?



  • Vbr needs to gather cluster details from admintools; hence it should be run as a dbadmin.
    During a replication, Vbr has to connect to both source and destination databases to take a snapshot and replicate it. Both operations need to be performed by a superuser or any user that has been granted the pseudosuperuser role.

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