OID for SNMP Traps

I have configured SNMP on my database by setting up the configuration parameters and completing the SNMP_TRAP_TEST.
In order to send an email, I have loaded the MIB file into my trap receiver ( monitoring tool )
But , I am unable to identify which OID I have to select for monitoring the SNMP Trap events like Lost of k-safe, node down,CRC errors, Low Disk Space etc.

Please someone could help me.


  • Here are further details on my request :-

    I have imported the MIB into the monitoring tool, but for some reason I am unable to Identify the OID's in the listing to start receiving the alarms.
    As of now, I have selected the following OIDs to send the alarms for the errors but it doesn't seem to be working.


    Can anyone suggest the correct OIDs to trap Vertica log errors and send the alarms.

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