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how to fix corelated subquery with NOT IN

create table players(name varchar(32),playerid int);
insert into players values("a",1);
insert into players values("b",2);
insert into players values("c",3);
insert into players values("d",4);
insert into players values("e",5);
insert into players values("f",6);

select * from players;

create table matches(playerid int,game varchar(32));
insert into matches values(1,"game1");
insert into matches values(2,"game1");
insert into matches values(3,"game1");
insert into matches values(1,"game2");
insert into matches values(2,"game2");
insert into matches values(3,"game2");
insert into matches values(4,"game3");
insert into matches values(5,"game2");

select * from matches;


And the query is

select p.playerid,
from players p, (select distinct game from matches) m
where p.playerid not in (select playerid from matches where

I get following error

[Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Relation "players" does not exist [SQL State=42V01, DB Errorcode=4566]

same thing is also mentioned in the Vertica document.

How can I rewrite this query ?


  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely Administrator


    I get a different error:

    dbadmin=> select p.playerid,
    dbadmin-> from players p, (select distinct game from matches) m
    dbadmin-> where p.playerid not in (select playerid from matches where;
    ERROR 2795:  Correlated subquery with NOT IN is not supported

    Are you trying to find the missing matches, i.e., games a player didn't play?

    Maybe something like this can work?

    dbadmin=> select p.playerid, from players p cross join (select distinct game from matches) m
    dbadmin-> minus
    dbadmin-> select * from matches
    dbadmin-> order by 1, 2;
     playerid | game
            1 | game3
            2 | game3
            3 | game3
            4 | game1
            4 | game2
            5 | game1
            5 | game3
            6 | game1
            6 | game2
            6 | game3
    (10 rows)
  • jumanjijumanji
    edited March 2018

    Sorry I posted the wrong error message. Yes the correct error message is what you got
    Correlated subquery with NOT IN is not supported. I need results like

    game1 | 4,5,6
    game2 | 4,6
    game3 | 1,2,3,5,6

  • Hi Jim_knicely,
    Perfect, that is the answer. I get correct results. Thanks Much! really appreciate it.
    Will share this thread on stackverflow, where I posted a copy of the same question.
    So that, it will be helpful for others too.

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