How to read from projections in spark connector?

I am able execute queries on projections in vsql command line but not sure how to access this data on application level in dataframe.

val spark: SparkSession = SparkSession

options: Map[String, String] = Map(
"table" -> "p_f_test",
"db" -> "Test",
"user" -> "foo",
"password" -> "bar",
"numPartitions" -> "10",
"host" -> "localhost",
"hdfs_url" -> "hdfs://localhost:9000/user/dir/",
"web_hdfs_url" -> "webhdfs://localhost:9870/user/dir/",
"dbschema" -> "public")"com.vertica.spark.datasource.DefaultSource").options(options).load()
spark.sql("select * from p_f_test")

output:- Specified relation name "public"."p_f_test" does not exist

But in vsql command line:-
select * from f_test; <------- actual table
id | message | still_here
3 | hello | t
4 | goodbye | f

create projection p_f_test (message,still_here) as select message, still_here from f_test segmented by hash(id) all nodes;
select * from p_f_test; <----------- projection
message | still_here
goodbye | f
hello | t

Is there a way to load projection dataset on application level?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Kind Regards,
Ujali Tyagi


  • edited May 2018

    @ujalityagi you are almost there.
    add the following lines and it will work.

    val df ="com.vertica.spark.datasource.DefaultSource").options(options).load()
    val df2 = spark.sql("select * from p_f_test")

    Also where did you find the list of options Vertica Spark Connector provides?

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