CREATE LOCATION 'hdfs: ' error, due to Vertica calling curl without the server name

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Vertica 9.
Unable to create location on HDFS.

Leading hint : Vertica is calling "curl" without the server name
http: "http://50070/webhdfs/v1"

Any leads will be great.
thank you,

  • my command and full error.
    dbaadmin=> CREATE LOCATION 'hdfs:///dbadmin' SHARED USAGE 'data' LABEL 'coldstorage';
    ERROR 5796: Could not create directory [hdfs:///dbadmin/v_vmart_node0001/]: [http://50070/webhdfs/v1/dbadmin/v_vmart_node0001/?user.name=dbaadmin&op=GETFILESTATUS]: Curl Error: Couldn't connect to server
    Error Details:
    HINT: Please make sure that the directories in the path have sufficient permissions for the vertica process and if the directory denoted by the path exists make sure it is an empty directory


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