Eon Mode Now Available in Vertica 9.1

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You can now deploy a Vertica cluster with an Eon Mode database instead of an Enterprise mode database. In Enterprise Mode, the original Vertica “share nothing” configuration, each database node stores a portion of the data and performs a portion of the computation. In Eon Mode, computational processes are separated from a communal (shared) storage layer, which enables rapid scaling of computational resources as demand changes. Please note that Eon Mode is only available with AWS as of this writing.

EON rocks!


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    To help you get a better understanding of the differences between / benefits of Vertica Enterprise mode vs Vertica Eon mode, please read the attached document "Introducing the Eon Mode Concept" written by Joy King! Let us know if you have any questions! :)


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    Can it be deployed in non AWS deployment as well like a local SAN ?

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    According to the Vertica 9.1 doc:

    An Eon Mode database must be deployed on Amazon Web Services. You can use the Management Console to provision an Eon Mode database. (Enterprise Mode also supports deployment on AWS and also supports on-premise hardware and other cloud platforms.)


    So for now, no, you can not deploy an Eon mode database on any other platform other than AWS.

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