Vertica ML against SAS product?

How can we convince SAS user to use Vertica ML? I understand that Vertica ML is able to handle huge data set with high speed and simple SQL. Could you share your sales talks against SAS?


  • siddyashsiddyash Vertica Employee Employee

    Hi Kaito,
    I don't have answer to your question, however, here is my thought.
    I know if the customer is heavily invested in SAS, than it will be difficult to them to use other solution unless their management has decided to remove SAS from their environment.
    In such case, I would say that we need to ask customer to push or open a support ticket with SAS to leverage our Vertica ML. This way, SAS can build a better integration with Vertica.

  • KaitoKaito Employee

    Hi Jawahar, Thank you for your advice.

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