Azure Event Hubs for Kafka ecosystems: how to connect to Vertica?

Hi forum,
we have a very good Vertica prospect who is setting up Vertica on Azure. To get Kafka connectivity with Vertica the prospect is testing Azure Event Hubs. This is the prospects email:

So I am trying out the event hubs but I cant find out how to configure vertica according to this guide:

Maybe someone from your side could help me? The kafkacat provided by vertica couldn’t help me since it doesn’t seem to support SASL.

Here our questions
1. Can we offer Kafka integration functionality with Vertica on MS Azure?
2. Is Azure Event Hubs the right way to go on Azure?
3. How can we find expertise to set this up?

Thank you


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    DaveTDaveT Vertica Employee Employee

    I worked with a customer using Kafka on Azure but that is not the same as Event Hubs. I think Kafka-like streaming from AWS Kinesis and MS Azure Event Hub is on the potential roadmap but not there yet. They might be able to write their own UDL to make it work but sounds like they want an existing solution. If they want to use Kafka they can install and manage it and rely on Azure for underlying infrastructure.

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    DieterCDieterC Employee

    Hi Dave,
    are you saying "Kafka is available on Azure, you just install it yourself"?
    Would the Vertica/Kafka integration have Azure specifics please? Can you share them?
    Not sure why our prospect tested "Event Hubs".

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    DaveTDaveT Vertica Employee Employee

    Hi Dieter, Yes, Kafka can be installed on Azure servers. It is just that the customer will have to manage it since it is not part of a platform service in the same way as Event Hubs (or AWS Kinesis for that matter). I did not work on the Kafka installation with the customer but it is no different than installing it on on-prem servers.

    Thanks, Dave

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