Support Azure Blob storage as a data source similar to S3

Hi forum,
is there a way to COPY data into Vertica from Azure Blob storage similar to what we can do with AWS S3?`

I am searching for the Azure analogon of
=> COPY t FROM 's3://AWS_DataLake/*' ORC;

Please advise
Thank you


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    Ben_VandiverBen_Vandiver Employee
    edited May 2018

    Not yet. If you wanted to build something, writing a UDSource SDK function based on the Azure Blob C++ SDK could be fruitful.
    Edit: Worth noting, sadly the UDSource won't work with ORC.

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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    You could try an S3 API wrapper for Azure, e.g. https://minio.io/azure.html

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