Copycluster command fails with vertica


I installed vertica in a new cluster which had no previous instance of vertica. Created a database with the same name as the source cluster. I'm using the vbr script copy cluster command to sync data between two similar clusters, both has Vertica version

Followed the same steps provided in the documentation

The command fails with the following error message:
Error: Error getting cluster information from admintools.
Copycluster FAILED.

Trying to understand what went wrong in the process?



  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator

    Are you adhering to the requirements?


    • The target cluster must have a different IP address than the source cluster.
    • The source and the target cluster must have the same:
    • Number of nodes
    • Node names

    The databases on the source and target clusters must share the same:

    • dbadmin user
    • Database name
    • Vertica version

    You must set up passwordless SSH between the source and the target clusters.

    I think your issue might be that last requirement....

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