ERROR: Unavailable: lock table for query

Hi All,

can some please help on the below errro why i am getting these error again n again ???

ERROR: Unavailable: lock table for query - Locking failure: Timed out X locking Table:FAS.FCT_FAULT. T held by [user (Mergeout: (Table: FAS.SUMM_HOURLY_NETWORK) (Projection: FAS.SUMM_HOURLY_NETWORK_b0))]. Your current transaction isolation level is SERIALIZABLE


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    SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator

    There is a T lock on table FAS.SUMM_HOURLY_NETWORK, Hence, X lock cannot be granted. T and X lock cannot be used on same object simultaneously. Please check lock compatibility matrix in the below link.


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    What operation are you doing that is erroring out? It's conflicting with the tuple mover, and for most operations that take table X locks we will interrupt the tuple mover to allow the user operation to proceed.

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    Hi Sruthia, THnaks for your reply,

    HI Ben, the table are used to summarize the data displayed on my different dashboards.


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    Let me clarify: what SQL did you send to the database that generated the error? DELETE? drop_partiton()?

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    2018-07-20 16:10:39,671 ERROR [com.hp.ossa.fault.KafkaConsumer] (pool-group-id-fas-ao-01-thread-2) persistToDB, transient SQL exception occured, message= [ MERGE INTO FCT_FAULT dest USING TMP_FF src ON

    it is merge??

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